Soho Fashion Studios is a power house of multi-functional photography companies. We shoot for E-commerce, influencer content, LGBTQ+ makeover shoots, fashion portfolios for models, images for dating profiles and much much more.

- Oliver Valiyev

We work with your creative flair to make sure each shoot is as unique as you are.

The benefit of working with a creative studio rather than stand alone company is we have a full creative team at our disposal. This allows us to ensure you get a unique experience at our studio, we won’t simply churn out the same images for each person. You can be sure that you are not going to have the same images as everyone else which is often what stand alone photographers do.

Soho Fashion Studio will work with you to get you want you from the shoot, which mean you images will be as unique as you are.

Fun Environment

Our studios are fun and vibrant so you will be tapping you feet to the music whilst posing to your hearts content.

Copyright free multi use images

Any images you purchase from us come with full copyright meaning you get can sell them for stock or charge royalties if used elsewhere.

Skill Based Coaching

Coaching – Many models want to be coached, our photographers are used to working with people with no experience in front of the camera so are always on hand should you need help.

Flexible payment options

We offer flexible payment options. Your shoot can be paid monthly via our payment partner Klarna so you can have you shoot now and pay for it over the next 3 months.



You will love your time in our studio. Not only is it a fun environment, it overflows with creativity. We believe in collaboration – many studios will just tell you how to stand, how to pose. We actively encourage you to be part of the process – tell us what you like and what skills you have that we can use to encompass your personality in the shoot.

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We will take the time to plan your photoshoot to embrace the location work. By including the surroundings can make your portraits more interesting. We will work with you to look for the best angles and lighting to make your compositions stand out. Keep always keep in mind that our main aim is photographing you, our model, and making them look good.

  • Practice prior to your shoot

  • Perform in front of the camera

  • Posing with a smile is one thing – posing with your heart is quite another…

  • Practice prior to your shoot
  • Perform in front of the camera
  • Posing with a smile is one thing
  • Posing with your heart is quite another…

High Fashion Shoots for everybody

Our aim is to make high fashion shoots available to everyone not just the select few. We aim to shoot magazine and editorial style images for the person next door. We should all have chance to shine!

Top Creative team

We have a varied team from all backgrounds. Even on a simple photoshoot you will come in to contact with our creative directors, editors, photographers, image processing team and makeup artists.